Why You’re Not Seeing Results from Your Exercise and Diet Program

If I had a dime for every time I heard someone say, “I’m just not seeing results from my exercise program”, I would be rich – even with today’s sky-high inflation. Why are so many people not seeing results? Why do so many people feel that no matter how hard they try, they can’t lose weight? Why does nothing seem to work? Here are five reasons why people get frustrated with the process of getting into shape and ways to get more out of your workout. 

Reason #1:  Oftentimes people engage in an exercise program for all the wrong reasons.  They pick an activity that either they don’t enjoy or they don’t have time for and as a result, they don’t commit.  They may believe they need three sessions a week for an hour each time, but given their busy work or family schedule, there is no way they can spend that much time on a program. As a result they either drop out after just a few months or they frequently cancel.  A good trainer will be aware that some people can’t spend a fortune on daily sessions and they need to meet their clients halfway.  A trainer or coach should be a problem solver and not a problem maker.

Reason #2: They pick a program or instructor for all the wrong reasons. Just because the teacher looks amazing in his/her Instagram posts doesn’t mean they are a good fit. Someone over the age of 40 who has spent the last ten years raising a family and/or working a job may not benefit from extreme sports or complicated moves. They should be looking for someone with many years of solid experience in their field and not someone who wants to show off. A good trainer is someone who prefers to find the very best program for their clients and not spend all day taking Selfies. Besides, often the beautiful bodies that one sees on social media are touched up and filtered. Who would you want in charge of your fitness program?

Reason #3: Lack of patience. Yes, some people are very impatient when it comes to fitness and weight loss.  If it were possible to lose weight and get in shape overnight, everyone would be thin and healthy. It’s possible to lose weight and it’s also possible to get into better shape, but it takes time.  It also takes patience. There are fad diets that work for a short period of time that usually involve very restrictive diets. Most people can’t do this for more than a few weeks and then go back to eating everything in sight.  At that point, the weight comes back with a vengeance. Then there are lifestyle changes which tend to allow for a more balanced and satisfying eating plan, but they take more time and the weight stays off. The same thing is true of fitness. Fads come and go while proven methods like Pilates stick around for a long time.

Reason #4: Lack of commitment.  A lack of commitment is behind each of the reasons above.  I’ve had clients over the course of my professional life that come to me with all good intentions, but they won’t stick with it for a variety of reasons. The most common excuses are time and money. They don’t have the time and they can’t afford the sessions.  People don’t stick to a program nor do they stick to a healthy eating plan because they aren’t committed. What is the answer to a lack of commitment? I’ll cover that in Reason #5.

Reason #5: They aren’t having fun nor are they enjoying their workouts. Trust me, if you don’t enjoy your exercise or diet program you will not see it through. If you enjoy what you do, you will stay with it and you will see results. Very rarely do people continue to do things they hate if they have the choice. I once had a client who hated exercise so much that she would pay me in advance and then never show up.  I had another who decided to take up running even though she despised running. She ran once a week at best and after a few months, dropped it altogether. On the other hand, she loved her weekly Pilates sessions and stuck with it. You have to love what you do or you won’t do it.  You also have to be able to afford it.  It’s important to find someone who doesn’t overcharge for their services and isn’t pushing a program that is out of reach.  Research the going rate of instructors and unless they perform miracles, make sure they are in line with the going rate. 

At Ab-Solutely Pilates, we make sure that you love your exercise program. Every exercise is custom tailored to meet your needs. Everything is taken into consideration when designing an exercise program. This includes:  Fitness level, schedule, financial situation, and any physical issues that need to be addressed.  Everyone from the person who hasn’t exercised in years to the athlete who needs to enhance his or her performance. Not only will you see great results you will also enjoy each and every session. Exercise doesn’t have to be painful (nor should it be) and it can also be fun.

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