Five Common Mistakes People Make When Looking for a Pilates Studio

5 Mistakes to avoid when choosing for the best Pilates studio

When looking for the perfect Pilates studio whether for the first time or the 5th time, be careful not to make mistakes that could, in the long run, be costly.  You could potentially end up paying more for your Pilates experience than it’s worth or, even worse, sustain an injury.  Before starting your search, review the list of five common mistakes people make when trying to find the right fit with a local Pilates studio.

Mistake #1: The studio that has the most reviews or the flashiest Instagram page may not be the best fit for you. Just because someone has 10,000 followers really doesn’t say much about their ability to teach or to work with clients.  It’s true that more reviews mean a higher placement on a Google search, but that may not be because it’s the best studio. Sometimes top rankings go to the facility with the largest marketing budget.  Reviews can also be bought and some studios offer incentives to have their students write good reviews which may or may not be reflective of the quality of the teaching.

Mistake #2: The cost of Pilates has gone up a lot over the last few years due to the Covid pandemic and sky-high inflation. That, however, doesn’t mean that pricing reflects the quality and experience of the instructors. Sometimes prices go up simply because they can. The pricing of a session should be based more on the qualifications of the instructors and not strictly on overhead. Some of the best teachers work from home and save money on rent. The savings can be passed on to the clients.  In other words, the priciest instructor may not be the best. One of the best instructors that I have ever known charged at least 25% less than the going rate because she felt that everyone needed to experience the joy of Pilates.

Mistake #3:  Pilates is a great workout and clients and students alike will see amazing results, but sometimes a teacher may miss the point and push too hard. Faster, heavier and more is not always better. One of the aspects of Pilates that a well-trained instructor will know is that Pilates is about control. Movements should be done methodically and in a controlled fashion.  Workouts like Bootcamp can also be good, but the philosophy of this style of exercise is fundamentally different than that of Pilates. Before it was called Pilates (named after Joseph H Pilates), the method was called Contrology.  A great studio and excellent instructor will try and nip faulty movement habits in the bud. Always remember if it hurts it probably isn’t good for you. 

Mistake #4: All the pretty people do Pilates. Yes, that’s true. On the other hand, lots of regular people do too. Extravagant gyms with exorbitant membership fees tend to attract younger, fitter and certainly wealthier clients. Just because the class is full of students with expensive clothes, perfect hair, and beautiful bodies, it doesn’t mean that the teacher or the facility is any better. Sometimes the very best teachers are older, not as stunning and way more concerned with the progress of their clients and or students. Remember don’t judge a book by its cover.

Mistake #5:  This mistake is similar to the one above. Sometimes it isn’t always the fanciest studio that hires the best teachers or even has the best equipment. I remember taking a class at a very high-end studio in a prime location. It was beautiful. You could have Botox, a massage and then go work out on the equipment.  I was very impressed when I walked in the door and saw the beautiful paintings and state of the art furniture. Yet, the equipment was cheaply made and the teachers had far less training than I had at the time and they were offering the workshops. The facility was gorgeous but the Pilates was subpar. Give me a great teacher and a challenging workout any day over a high-rent studio in a glamorous venue. 

At Ab-Solutely Pilates Huntington Beach,  Devra Swiger makes sure that all clients are welcome no matter what their fitness level. She has worked with everyone from professional athletes and ballet dancers to regular people recovering from major orthopedic surgery. She doesn’t spend time posing for Selfies doing acrobatic style exercises that 90% of the population couldn’t do anyway.  Instead, she prefers to get to know the issues that face her clients and find a way to get them feeling and moving better.  She makes sure that each and every client no matter what their fitness levels, learns the beauty of real Pilates. No speedy and jerky movements allowed.  After even the first session at Ab-Solutely Pilates Huntington Beach the client will feel a real difference in how he or she feels.  

The price per session is well within the scope of what other studios charge and you get so much more for your money.  Devra works from her home studio which allows for lower overhead. No need for the clients to pay the rent. You pay for her years of experience and expertise. 

If you want a true Pilates experience without all the frills, contact the studio by email, phone call or text to set up your first appointment. You will love it.

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