Online Pilates Training

Online Pilates Classes

Healthy Backs Monday at 10am
Pilates Mat Wednesday at 9.30am
Pilates Mat Friday at 9.30am

*Until June 30th all classes are on a donation basis and suggested donation per class is $12.
*Each class is 30 to 35 minutes.

Online Private Training

Get stronger and stay healthy with online private or duet sessions. Online private/duet sessions are 30 min long.

Single Private Session $35
Single Duet Session $50

In-Studio Pilates

Ab-Solutely Pilates is a private Pilates studio. Duets are also offered as long as the duet has already been in regular contact. Sessions last 50 minutes and are by appointment only. Only the highest quality disinfectants are used to clean the equipment and studio regularly. No more than three client sessions a day are offered and no more than two people in a class at any time. Social distancing is observed along with any other requirements from the CDC. This is currently the safest way to practice Pilates within a studio. Stay safe, do Pilates.

Private sessions
55 minutes
Single Session $80
5 Sessions $360

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Semi Private (Duets) sessions
55 minutes
Single Session $100
5 Sessions $450

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Assisted Stretching

Ab-Solutely Pilates offers The Rossiter System – the highly effective method of assisted stretching and relief of tightness. The Rossiter System involves two-person stretching that not only alleviates pain but can prevent its re-occurrence. It’s a great way to reduce pain, tightness, and inflammation!

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Assisted Stretching Sessions
(Rossiter System)
First session
55 minutes
Consecutive sessions
40 minutes