Private Pilates. Why It’s Better.

Big group Pilates classes held in large studios are all the rage these days. Nearly every city in the United States has at least one Pilates studio that offers group classes at very low prices.  These classes are lots of fun and the price is right so why not take advantage of this attractive bargain?  However, students need to realize that in order to reap the amazing benefits of Pilates, you need to learn how to do it correctly. Unlike some aerobic-type classes where the moves are relatively easy to do and follow, there are certain techniques in Pilates that need to be introduced and eventually mastered. 

In a perfect world, everyone in a large group class could learn to master the Pilates method. However, even an experienced Pilates teacher can’t effectively teach 10 or more students all at once. Too many students go through class after class and they never truly learn how to move correctly. A teacher simply cannot teach every single person in the class how to do each exercise correctly. For that, a student needs personal attention.

The reason that group classes do so well is obvious: They are a lot cheaper.   A private session could run anywhere from $60 to over $100 depending on the location.  Most people can’t afford to pay that much over a period of time. The good news is that there are a few studios that offer introductory sessions that allow a student to learn the ropes and then, if they so choose, can move on to less expensive group classes. When they start the group classes they are able to not only follow the teacher, but they get so much more out of the class. 

A student could benefit from as few as 5 private Pilates sessions and learn the technique in as few as 10 sessions. After that, an occasional refresher session would help out with a few specific moves or, perhaps, even a concept like how to bridge without hurting the back or increase hip mobility without straining the hip flexors. 

For those who can afford regular private sessions with a well-trained instructor then they should continue to do so. For those who are struggling in these weak economic times, they might want to combine their group class workouts with a few private Pilates sessions now and again. 

Pilates is great, but knowing how to do it correctly will make the experience that much better.

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