Ask Me Anything: 8 Answers to your Questions Regarding Private Pilates

Pilates, a method of exercise that focuses on strength, flexibility, and overall body awareness, has gained immense popularity over the years. If you’re new to the world of Pilates or have been practicing it for a while, you might have some burning questions about this fitness discipline. As a Pilates studio owner, I understand the importance of addressing these questions to help you make informed decisions about your Pilates journey. In this article, we’ll delve into eight common questions that often arise in the minds of Pilates enthusiasts. From understanding the differences between group and private classes to finding the right instructor and the overall worth of private sessions, we’ll provide you with insightful answers to guide you on your path to Pilates excellence. So, let’s roll out our mats and get started on demystifying the world of Pilates.

Question 1:  What is the difference between group Pilates classes and private Pilates classes?

Answer:  The obvious answer is that there are more people in a group class than there are in a private session. Joking aside, the better answer is that clients who choose to do private Pilates sessions will get far more attention during the one-hour session than they would in a group class. If a client has specific goals such as getting in better shape, dealing with chronic back pain or a need to improve balance, then a private session would be the better choice.   If the goal of the client is to have fun, meet people and get a bit of a workout, then maybe group classes make more sense. 

Question 2:  How much do private Pilates sessions cost?

Answer: The cost of a private Pilates session costs anywhere from $60 to over $100. Most larger studios that have high overhead will charge closer to $100 in order to cover costs. The price also varies based on competition. If there are many studios in a given city, the cost may be lower as potential clients have more options. In a smaller community with just one or two studios, the costs may be on the higher end.  Most Pilates studios charge around $75 to $90 a session. Drop-in rates may be higher. 

Question 3:  Are private Pilates sessions worth the extra money?

Answer: As was answered in the first question, a client gets more attention and learns faster with private sessions. Higher quality usually costs more, so the answer would be Yes. 

Question 4:  What can a client expect during a private session?

Answer: Most instructors will gear the session to the clients’ needs. If the client is training for a marathon the session will be different from someone who just wants to drop 5 lbs. and gain some muscle mass. The instructor will talk to the client for a few minutes to get an idea of what their goals are and then go from there.  Modifications can be made during a private session so the client is able to work within their comfort zone. There would be greater communication between the client and the instructor. 

Question 5: How long would I need to take private sessions before I master Pilates?

Answer: It depends. First of all, mastering Pilates is a huge goal and most – not even Pilates professionals – ever truly master the method. The goal should be to improve with each and every session. The goals should include increased strength, better mobility, improved posture, and an overall improvement in the way the client feels. That could take a few weeks or even a year, but for the most part, clients start to feel better after just a few sessions. 

Question 6: Doesn’t it make more sense for me to enroll in a group class in order to save money and still get great results?

Answer: Everybody’s situation is different. If the cost of private Pilates sessions is unaffordable then yes, it does make sense to find a group studio and enroll in group classes. However, the popularity of group classes has made it difficult to get into prime-time classes because there are more students than availability.  A potential student needs to make sure that they can get on the schedule at times that work for them.  For those who can afford to take privates there is normally more availability. Students can ask for a specific time and day of the week and stick with that time slot going forward. 

Question 7: How do I find a good instructor that offers private Pilates?

Answer: Word of mouth is usually the best way to find a qualified instructor. However, with so many instructors now and so many types of Pilates, it’s not always easy to find a well-trained and experienced instructor.  When word of mouth doesn’t work, try Google. Use appropriate keywords and the name of your town or city. For example, if you live in Huntington Beach CA, you can use keywords like “Private Pilates in Huntington Beach”, “Pilates Studio near me”, “Individual Pilates classes” to find local studios that really do offer this service.  Check out the reviews, call and ask to speak to the owner, visit the studio to see if it looks clean and well equipped.

Question 8: What questions should I ask the owner to see if this studio and private Pilates is for me?

Answer: Here are a few good questions to ask: 

  • How many years of experience do the instructors have?  
  • Were they comprehensively trained by a reputable organization?  
  • Are they able to teach a variety of bodies with specific issues? 
  •  Do they have availability at convenient times?  
  • What is the hourly rate and do they offer discounted packages?  

The answers to these questions will help a potential client decide if this studio is for them.

Although there was a time when private and semi-private Pilates classes were the norm, it’s getting harder and harder to find studios that offer this option. Many do as a side-line to the group classes, but not many studios only offer privates. 

Keep searching and you will find a studio that fits your needs. 

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