How to Stay Motivated with Exercise

Devra Swiger doing Pilates on the reformer
Thinking about starting an exercise program is all fine and good unless all you do is think about starting an exercise program. How many times have you or someone you know decided to start a brand new fitness program only to quit after a few weeks, or worse, never start at all. The truth is that most people don’t stick to exercise programs and all those beautiful fit people you see at the gym or the Pilates studio time and time again are in the minority. Yep.
How does one find the motivation to start a program and stick with it day after day and year after year?

woman performing exercises on the pilates chairScheduling is everything:
How many times do you get out of bed and say to yourself ‘Gee, I don’t have time to brush my teeth or take a shower’? Probably not very often (or let’s hope so for the sake of your friends, family and co-workers). We are all actually pretty good at setting aside time as long as it is for things we like, but not as good for things we don’t like. That is why finding an exercise program that works well for you is the best solution. Don’t enroll in hot yoga because your friend’s ex mother-in-law swears by it. Do something because it’s fun and doesn’t seem like exercise. Also, set aside some time in the day whether it is first thing in the morning (my personal favorite time), lunch time or after work. Whatever works within your schedule is the best time. Continue reading “How to Stay Motivated with Exercise”