I wanted one-on-one training with personalized attention

! Devra is very skilled and has alI wanted one-on-one training with personalized attention because I haven’t exercised in a while and didn’t want to be floundering around on strange equipment in front of lithe strangers. And I found itl the training a Pilates instructor should have. (Trust me; I checked. I’m an attorney.) And she immediately relaxed me because she’s easy going and non-judgmental. But when I say “easy going,” I do not mean we hang out and laugh all the time. She genuinely wants to see me gain strength and flexibility and works me thoroughly. This is a treat I give myself twice a week, and it’s wonderful. It’s not easy, but Devra is very encouraging. She’s fun too! Private lessons are not all she gives, either. If you’re thinking of trying out Pilates or are a Pilates expert, Devra teaches all levels. She’s awesome.