Devra’s classes never get boring and predictable

I’ve worked out my entire life, but after a certain point, I didn’t feel I was getting stronger or leaner. After researching, I found Pilates through rehabbing an ankle injury. Since then, I’ve never looked back. I started taking a group Pilates class with Devra about 8 years ago. I have been going twice a week ever since. What I like about her style is that she never gets boring or predictable and she pushes me but knows my limitations and always keeps my health in her first concern. I had major back surgery a few years ago and after I was able to return to light workouts, I knew she would be my resource along with physical therapy. Her attention to detail really helped me to regain strength and flexibility. Anyone can do this workout. The only limitations are your mind. She will customize everything to fit your specific needs. I appreciate everything she has done and is still doing for me!